The Closer

A Mediation Newsletter December 2009

The Season of Conciliation
by James Rainwater

I'd like to take the opportunity to wish everyone the happiest of holidays. After mediating for eight years, I realize more and more that the power of mediation can be practically limitless. It is a time for conflicted parties to take turns in the shoes of the other party.

This holiday season I hope we all can enjoy those universal qualities of mediation and receive a time of peace and concordance. The best way to achieve peace or resolution is to communicate. And we can apply that action to all aspects of our lives - personal and professional. It's also contagious: More communication, less conflict, and more understanding.

With a new year approaching, we should resolve to settle our differences through communication and make an effort to understand the other side's perspective. I wish everyone the best for 2010.

Happy Holidays

Rainwater Law